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TheNAYkedTruth.com serves as a current events platform, where authors share educated insight on a variety of topics ranging from sports, to music, relationships, controversial topics, and other subjects that dominate media outlets.  Our goal is to provide unique insight from our perspectives, while avoiding a complete disregard for objectivity.  Readers are encouraged to provide feedback, in order to create an exchange of ideas.  All comments will be acknowledged and responded to by the author of the post.

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  1. Hey Nana,

    Your articles have always been remarkably insightful. I love how you can speak intelligently on a plethora of topics to a diverse crowd. I’m curious about your thoughts regarding the current controversy over the Confederate flag? I’m looking forward to reading your post if you choose to address the topic. Thanks for the help!


    1. Mr. Demson,

      Hope you’re doing well, and thanks for the feedback as I greatly appreciate your kind words. The confederate flag issue is a great recommendation, one that I think i’ll tackle within the next couple of days. Thanks once again, and I hope to continue to keep your interest!

      Nana Yeboah