OJ Simpson: Not Guilty

More than two decades ago, the entire country stopped what they were doing and glued their eyes onto their television screen anxiously waiting to hear the verdict of the murder case that is known today as the trial of the century. As the earth-shattering verdict of not guilty rang through the ears of millions across the world, we saw a racial division and tension that could not be ignored.  Although the former NFL star has been cleared of all charges, the murder case of the People vs OJ Simpson continues to intrigue people all across the globe. Following the years after the bone chilling verdict, we have seen many documentaries being released detailing the case. We have also seen a Netflix special titled “The People vs OJ Simpson” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and more recently, a lost “hypothetical” confession from OJ Simpson that was filmed 12 years ago which aired on Fox this past Sunday. This has yet again stirred up one of the most controversial debates of the century, is OJ Simpson in fact guilty of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman? Given the logistics of this case in regard to the evidence, the blood, the openly racist degenerate cop Mark Furman, the witness testimonies, and the background of the victims Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, one cannot simply believe OJ Simpson committed the crime of murder. In this blog, I will break down key points and facts from the case that was proven by the defense team led by the brilliant lawyer Jonnie Cochran. I will give you my insight on all aspects of this case and indeed prove to you why OJ Simpson is in fact innocent of the crime of murder.

The Hidden Background Of Nicole Simpson And Ron Goldman

The United States judicial system and mainstream media have always been unapologetic and never been ambivalent when it comes detailing the negative aspects of innocent African American lives taken by police officers. Victims such as Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Eric Gardner, Mike Brown and Sandra Bland have all been portrayed in the media as thugs, criminals, or a menace to society. Whenever a black life is taken by a white hand, the media wastes no time dipping into the background of the victim and discovering any small piece of dirt in order to defecate on the name of an innocent black life that was taken. This is done purposely to filibuster and attempt to place the victim on trial and ignore the real criminal.   Therefore, I will take the liberty in carrying on that same energy and dipping into the angel and soccer mom fairytale backgrounds of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. As detailed in Faye Resnick’s book “Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted”

Nicole Brown Simpson was far from an angel and the soccer mom that the mainstream media portrays her to be. Nicole Simpson was a known drug addict and carried on sexual affairs with men such as Marcus Allen who was friends with her ex-husband OJ Simpson. Faye Resnick was a good friend of Nicole and she detailed how her and Nicole would often hang out in Brentwood with known criminals engaging in sexual behaviors, drinking all night and snorting cocaine. Faye Resnick went on to explain how her and Nicole engaged in lesbian sex and Nicole would say that OJ Simpson molded her sexually and she can only be satisfied by Marcus Allen and OJ. Nicole began dealing with OJ Simpson while he was still married to his first wife Marguerite.

Nicole took on the role of a mistress before OJ left his first wife to marry Nicole. Ronald Goldman was a 25-year-old waiter working at Mezzaluna restaurant where he met Nicole Simpson. Ron was in shape and was a martial arts fighter which are some of the few qualities that attracted Nicole to him and he would often take Nicole out to dance halls with him. The pair grew close to the point Nicole and Ronald would often hang out at the Mezzaluna restaurant for more obvious reasons that the media failed to show. What most people don’t know is that the Mezzaluna restaurant was a known mafia hangout and an establishment where the mobsters would sell drugs at. A few of Nicole and Ronald Goldman’s friends were killed before and after their murders had took place. Michael Nigg was a 26-year-old waiter at the Mezzaluna restaurant and worked with Ron Goldman. He was involved in drug trafficking and was a small-time drug dealer leading up to his demise. On September 8, 1995 Michael Nigg was shot in the head while sitting in a car with a woman after being approached by two men who demanded that he hand over cash. Another friend of Nicole and Ron Goldman was a man named Brett Cantor who was also killed just a year before Nicole and Ron. Cantor was also friends with Faye Resnick and was a co-owner of the Hollywood night club/bar called The Dragon Fly. Nicole Simpson, Ron and Faye Resnick frequently visited this club. Eleven months before Ron and Nicole were murdered, someone broke into Brett’s home, and killed him in the same fashion in which Ronald Goldman and Nicole were killed. Given all of these murders of people who were friends of Nicole and Ron, is it far-fetched to say that the same killers linked to these murders are also responsible for murdering Ron and Nicole Simpson? Perhaps Ron and Nicole’s drug affiliated past had caught up with them? It was also documented that Ron Goldman was going through some financial troubles during the time of his murder. Could it be that Ron was involved in the same drug activities as his Mezzaluna coworkers?


Another important piece of information to note is the motive behind why OJ Simpson would kill Nicole in the first place. It is often said that OJ Simpson was a jealous and enraged ex who just couldn’t stand the fact that he could not be with Nicole anymore. He grew resentment and bitterness from seeing Nicole moving on and decided a year later after their divorce to go over to Nicole’s home at 9pm at night and murder his ex-wife before getting on his flight to Chicago. This theory for motive to commit murder is easily debunked for the simple fact that OJ Simpson wasn’t the one who wanted Nicole back. Nicole was indeed the one who desperately wanted OJ back. In fact, Nicole Simpson decided to write the love of her life OJ Simpson a thoughtful letter expressing her desire to work things out. If Nicole was seeking to work her marriage out with OJ then what reason would there be for OJ to kill her? Another piece of important information to note are the phone records that show Nicole exchanging phone calls with her mother on the night she was murdered. The prosecution refused to release these phone records and OJ’s defense team failed to obtain them. If Nicole Simpson was talking on the phone at 11pm then that would prove without a shadow of a doubt that OJ Simpson did not commit those murders. Those phone records would show Nicole being alive at the same time OJ Simpson was already in a limousine on his way to Los Angeles international airport.

Mark Furman

The LAPD is famous and historically well known for being the most corrupt and  racist police force in the United States. In 2006, the FBI released a memo detailing that white supremacy groups have infiltrated law enforcement but the FBI was a little late on the tea as the cat has already been out of the bag since the 1940s. The chief of police at the time of the OJ Simpson case was a man named Daryl Gates who was no different from Mark Furman. Daryl Gates never denounced racism and he help start what later became known as SWAT.

He took on the same ideologies as the previous chief of police for the LAPD William Parker. The LAPD was terrorizing, mistreating, tampering with evidence and falsely accusing African Americans of many crimes for decades.  Mark Furman was the typical renegade police officer on the LAPD police force. He openly admitted his strong hatred for African Americans and being a white supremacy extremist. Mark Furman dedicated his life to mistreating and oppressing black people and even went as far as to discuss his racist views with Laura Hart McKinny. She recorded Mark Furman detailing how he falsifies police reports, how much he despises interracial relationships, how he would often plant evidence on black men, and his constant use of the N word (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6pymcUV8v4). She later took the stand and testified on how Mark Furman used the N word 42 times. The “OJ is guilty” community always try their best to avoid the Mark Furman topic and try to dismiss his role in this case due to these hardcore facts. Another woman named Kathleen Bell met Mark Furman at a marine recruiting station in 1985 and she explained how Mark Furman would described his hatred for African Americans. Mark Furman also had previous dealings with OJ Simpson and has been to his home on a domestic call in 1985. So now we know that the lead detective on the OJ Simpson case is a man who openly admits his hatred for interracial relationships, plants false evidence, and already had a hatred for OJ Simpson yet it is still crazy to assume the evidence at the scene was not tampered with?

Blood Samples

At the scene of the crime, a bloody sock was found behind the gate at Nicole Simpson’s home. The sock was said to have OJ’s blood all over it and his blood was also found on the gate of the house. They also said that OJ’s glove was soaked in blood and blood samples were taken from both Nicole and OJ Simpson after the murders. It was later discovered that OJ Simpson’s blood samples were missing from the lab and a chemical called EDTA was found sprinkled in OJ Simpson’s blood samples. EDTA is a chemical that is used for DNA extraction. It is an anticoagulant used to prevent clot formation. The prosecution was never able to explain why the EDTA chemical was found at the scene of the crime. The police initially said they overlooked the blood that was smeared on the gate and collected it several weeks later after the murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman. The defense argued that the police planted the evidence after the fact and the blood on the sock. There was also a cut on OJ Simpson’s finger and it was said that scratch came from Nicole Simpson. If there was a cut on OJ Simpson’s hand then that would mean there was a cut on the glove. It was shown later on that the same glove that did not fit OJ’s hands also did not have any cuts in it.

The Hypothetical Confession

The bottom line to this case is that OJ Simpson was found not guilty in a court of law. The prosecution failed to prove their case and just like all other cases, we should respect the law and get over it. We as a people are led to believe that OJ Simpson went to Nicole Simpson’s house, he was wearing a sweatsuit and a cap, stabbed Nicole to death, stabbed Ron Goldman who is a black belt and just so happen to beat Nicole’s House unexpectedly, got rid of the murder weapon, got rid of his clothes, managed to not get a bruise or a scratch on his body and still made it on time to catch his flight to Chicago. OJ Simpson must have been a superhero who possesses some undiscovered powers that no other human being has. These murders were professionally done and we all know that OJ Simpson has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer to pull off a murder to this magnitude. The whole purpose of the OJ Simpson case continuing to be brought up is because it generates a lot of money. Shortly after OJ Simpson’s acquittal, he was immediately a target in a civil case and the purpose was to erase any financial assets OJ Simpson had. They wanted to make sure that OJ Simpson had no major streams of revenue coming in and that is what led to the book deal. OJ Simpson was approached by a publisher to write a book titled “If I did it” where it was not a confession but a hypothetical on how he would commit the murders. Also, a part of that deal was to film a hypothetical confession on tape which was to be released 12 years later. OJ decided to do the book deal because he had no other ways to make money and his back was against the wall. There is a new generation of people who are not aware of the facts behind this case and the release of footage from 12 years ago is an attempt to keep the “OJ is guilty” money machine alive.

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