A Metaphor For Love

Consider a box. The box symbolizes your inner emotions and self that people don’t see. People generally don’t care to leave their box. You always have people that come knocking on your door, but most of the time you leave them on the outside and talk to them from the door. Occasionally you invite people in. However, these people are people you really trust. You don’t just invite anyone into your box, and preferably you invite one person at a time in. These people are usually family, best friends, and lovers. Whenever someone enters the box the environment changes, sometimes a bit sometimes dramatically. This is why we are so careful about who we welcome in.

However, there’s a big difference from loving and being in love. How I differentiate being in love with someone is when you two share a box. You live together, emotionally, in this box. Visualize a venn diagram pushing closer and closer until the circles are concentric. This is the process of falling in love. You and your partner will have twice as many people knocking on your door and you will talk to them from the inside you two share. You will learn to love your partners guests as he/she will learn to love yours. Sharing a box is the closest you can get to someone– that is being in love. Reconsidering the venn diagram image, the most intense love would be when the circles are concentric.

When you’re in love, your box isn’t individual anymore. The box– your box becomes unpredictable because another variable is present. But oddly, you don’t mind.

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