The Worst Ignorance to Have

We all have a fundamental aspect of our humanity that we ignore, I will call the ignorance of peace the prideful inertia of humankind. We all have a compass inside of us that tells us right from wrong. It is truly amazing how this vision of what is “good behavior” and what is “bad behavior” manifests– ever since we have been children. Children have the strongest connection to this feeling. We are taught to disown this fundamental force that drives us towards our own morality in order to focus on ethics that promote power, such as money.

The very society that humans are born into trains them to possess this prideful inertia. You are influenced to believe at a young age that without possessing this inertia, you will be stagnant to accomplish influence in the world. We all possess a prideful vitality of humankind, but it is located in a uniquely balanced mind that is aware of the inherent ignorance that lay unquestioned in the world. Throughout education, we are edged to trust what others believe is right from wrong. We learn rules that we should follow to be “good” students, children, friends, citizens. I cannot speak for you, but I do not know where these rules came from. These rules are ridden with dogma due to evolution.

I have thought about what the first power struggle in humanity has looked like. Every scenario I can think of to provoke any power struggle is rooted in prideful inertia. It is extremely easy coming to power through simply engaging in ignorance. It rids the driver,
 per se, of their emotions and inherent responsibility to humankind. In return for this exchange, there is a clear route to power over the other. In securing power over another, you gain power. However, we are taught to ignore this robbery. We never question: At what cost does our power come? There are feelings that govern how you act, feelings that have created this current position and situation in which you live. What you see in front of you is a manifestation of what other people felt was the right thing to do. Even in prideful inertia, people still do what they feel is “right”. However, what is “right” simply is to act with faith in humanity and in the universe. Punishment is a personal experience, when we force others into punishment we are never guaranteed that they have suffered. We cannot spend time making sure others feel pain, when we, ourselves, have so much pain to absolve.

This is a heavy burden we carry that we may not have even realized we carry. We carry a burden that history has let rogue and presently it sits on our shoulders. A system of structural concern, a government whose purpose is to govern and control the extent to which others express a prideful ignorance… or are they trying to control a prideful vitality now? The line has blurred between which one is “right”, and it has led to political confusion! I will tell you right now, prideful vitality with the whole human race in mind is ideal! It is practical that each person can individually become mindful of the ignorance and the complications prideful inertia ensues. We are used to complications being what is instead of what we are making. If we turn around and view the state of the country and of the world, it can be explicitly seen that those engaged in acts of war and other pseudo autonomous behavior are dedicating their lives to ignore this very simple, fundamental human characteristic in order to combat others whom have. It is simple to want to make life flourish; not for one, but for all.

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