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We live in a generation of infidelity.  Everything around us seems to promote this theme, and the music is no different.  R&B music, to be specific, has now become a huge proponent of infidelity.  Many songs in present day promote the concept of sneaking around behind your significant other, or perhaps with the knowledge (and sometimes blessing) of your significant other.  R&B has deviated from the original concept of passionate love and romance towards this new trend.  The 90’s, where R&B was at it’s prime, created some of the very best songs the genre (and music as a whole) has ever seen.  Some of these songs were so good that present day artists continue to sample those songs over and over again.  The beauty behind those passionate monogomous 90’s R&B love songs is something that modern day R&B music can definitely benefit from; and artists like Eric Bellinger are restoring the hope that such a concept isn’t extinct.

Eric Bellinger, while not quite yet a household name, is a grammy winning song writer and producer who is now making a surge onto the R&B scene as a singer.  After playing an instrumental part in the creation of popular tunes such as “Fine China” by Chris Brown, “Lemme See” by Usher, and “Right Here” by Justin Bieber, Eric Bellinger is now taking matters into his own hands, and putting out music in its entirety through his independent YFS (Your Favorite Song) record label.  Eric recently released “Cuffing Season,” a summer themed album which looks to instill the values that were once promoted by many 90’s R&B artists.  In this album, Eric uses his outstanding vocals to promote the concept of love, commitment, loyalty and passion.   Unlike many R&B singers of this generation, Eric uses “Cuffing Season” to remind ladies that good men still exist, and that not all men are in a pursuit of increasing their body count.  As the spouse of La’Myia Good (older sister of Megan Good), Eric knows what it’s like to have to “curve” the groupies and stay committed to the one lady who you truly desire.  He is able to use the 16 songs on “Cuffing Season” to illustrate this concept, and does so very well.

Here is a visual preview to the album:

Cuffing Season Track list:

1. Cuffing Season
2. You Can Have The Hoes (feat. Boosie)
3. iPod On Shuffle
4. Overrated
5. Turn Down 4 You (feat. Tank & ARoC)
6. Love Made Me Do It
7. Make Up For It
8. Share (feat. Chay$e)
9. Maybe Never
10. Creep (feat. T-Boz)
11. Gina (feat. ARoC)
12. Text Threads
13. Focused On You (feat. 2 Chainz & Mya)
14. Viral (feat. Iamsu)
15. Last One Standing
16. The Summary

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