Career Readiness for High School Students

High School education is intended to prepare students for life in college, and ultimately in the real world; unfortunately during my time in High School however, I did not feel like that was the case.  In high school I felt forced to take class, classes which I had no particular interest in.  When I graduated, I was put into a position to chose a path for my collegiate career, without having any exposure to the options at hand.   Fortunately for me, I had parents who were able to provide me with guidance; however, I can only imagine what students without that sort of guidance would have went through.  An internship, or even a summer time job which provided practical hands-on experience would’ve been greatly beneficial.

A good friend of mine is working tirelessly on ensuring that high school students of today will not be put in the position that my classmates and I experienced.  I urge all (and ONLY) current high school students to take the survey in the link below to help gather data for this initiative.  All participation will be highly appreciated.

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Top 5 Point Guards 2014/15 Season

  1. Steph Curry – 23.5 PTS, 4.4 REB, 7.8 AST, 17.8% PIE
Steph Curry

Putting Steph atop this list was an easy no-brainer.  After all, one can make the argument that he has been the best player in the league PERIOD, this 2014-15 NBA season.  His stellar performance has lifted the Warriors to the best record in the entire NBA, and his eye-popping plays makes him one of the most exciting players to watch.  

2.    Russell Westbrook – 27.5 PTS, 7.3 REB, 8.4 AST, 19.2% PIE

Russell Westbrook

Had he been healthy all season long, Russ may have very well been number one on this list.  The numbers he has put up this season have been astronomical and unseen since the years of Oscar Robinson.  All stats aside however, nobody gives more effort on the basketball court than Russell Westbrook, and his efforts have kept the Thunder in playoff contention despite an injury plagued season in a very competitive Western Conference.

3.    Kyrie Irving – 22.2 PTS, 3.2 REB, 5.2 AST, 12.9% PIE

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie’s numbers do not jump out at you, as he is part of a stacked team with a 4 time MVP.  Kyrie, however, makes this list because of his efficiency, and tendency to show up on big stages.  Kyrie has the two highest scoring outputs this season with 57 and 55 points.  From a talent standpoint, he’s arguably the most skilled point guard in the league, and when he’s got it going, he’s virtually unstoppable.

4.    Chris Paul – 18.4 PTS, 4.7 REB, 10 AST, 16.5% PIE

Chris Paul

Over looked and under-appreciated, those are two words/phrases that can accurately describe Chris Paul over the last two seasons.  Despite that fact, Chris is still the engine that keeps the LA Clipper motor running.  Without him, they are nothing.  Although the Clippers haven’t lived up to the expectations this season, it is certainly not due to a sub-power performance by CP3.  He is still doing what we are accustomed to, and might finally have a big post season ahead of him.

  1. John Wall – 17.3 PTS, 4.5 REB, 10 AST, 15.2% PIE
John Wall

Earlier this season, I had John Wall in my top 5 list of MVP candidates; due to the recent play of the Wizards, however, he is no longer on my list.  Nevertheless, that doesn’t take away from the type of season that J-Wall has had, and continues to have.  He has established himself as one of the best play making point guards in the league, and a star in Washington.  The Wizards depend heavily on him to produce offense for himself and others on a nightly basis, and his ability to do so at a high rate certainly makes him worthy of this list.


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23 Keys to Life

I recently turned 23 years young and I felt it was necessary that I share a list of tips that have helped me to live a relatively successful life.  Here is that list, in no particular order of importance:

Keys to Life
  1. Awareness is key – self-awareness, awareness of surroundings, current events etc.  Stay informed, be aware.
  2. Know your worth – in relationships, jobs, friendships, etc., know your worth and never settle for less.
  3. Dream big – the sky is the limit, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise
  4. Love your parents – biological or not, love those who have raised you and loved you unconditionally.  Show them that you appreciate their efforts
  5. Find a solitude – whether it’s the gym, or your girlfriends lap, find a place you can go to forget about the world and be at peace
  6. Drink lots of water – H2O is essential to your well-being. Stay hydrated and minimize health problems
  7. Laugh – when the going gets tough, crack a joke or watch some comedy.  Laughter cures all
  8. Love yourself – this will teach you how to love others, and set the standard for what you accept from others
  9. Almost never pay retail prices for anything – there is always a discount/sale/bargain somewhere if you look hard enough. Its okay to ball out every now and then though
  10. Be open minded – you don’t have to accept all outsider views, but at least acknowledge them. They may improve the quality of your life
  11. Stay consistent – don’t be wishy-washy, on and off, etc.  Pick a path and stick to it whole heartedly!
  12. Strive for improvement every day – every day is another chance to better yourself
  13. “Do unto others, as you would like for them to do to you” (paraphrase) – Treat others how you would like to be treated. That view puts things into perspective in regards to how you make others feel
  14. Think long term – I am a proponent of living in the moment; however, all your actions should be considerate of the future and how it may be affected
  15. Don’t compare yourself to others – Everyone is different, everyone has their own path.  YOUR path makes you unique, makes you, YOU.  Comparison is the root of jealousy; refrain from it.
  16. Learn from the “OGs” – People with more experience in life have so much to offer, therefore you should listen to them.  Experience is the best teacher, but advice from experienced ones is a close second
  17. Stay even-keeled – Never get too high nor too low.  Life is full of ups and downs and we should be prepared to cope with either
  18. Leave your mark – Depending on your belief of the afterlife, we may never know how we will be viewed once we are deceased; however, if you can leave a positive impact on somebody’s life, your life would have been worth living.  Aspire to leave your mark!
  19. Save! – Money comes and goes, and temptation to spend is always  strong but saving is crucial.  It’s always nice to have something to fall back on when adversity hits.
  20. Dress to impress – look good, feel good.  Boost your confidence and go on to do great things.
  21. Be appreciative – Be thankful for all that you have and never take anything for granted.  Just remember that it could always be worse
  22. Never make promises you can’t keep – be a [wo]man of your word
  23. Work hard, play hard – Let your level of recreation match your productivity.  Try not to have one exceed the other

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