Christmas Season – Goodbye 2014

Self-Assessment-HeaderIt’s that time of the year again.  That time of the year when Santa magically drops down your chimney and presents gifts under your Christmas tree (spoiler alert kids, Santa is your dad….or even your mom!).  It’s that time of the year when families gather around to exchange gifts, money, food, company, jokes, etc.  To the religious folk, this time of the year is a friendly reminder of the gifts that God has given to us.  The gift of life, the gift of giving, the gift of forgiveness, and the gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  All these aspects of this time make Christmas season worth looking forward to; but what does Christmas really mean to you as an individual?  For me it is an assessment of sort.  A time to measure growth, and progression.  A time to assess whether or not I became a better person over the course of the past year.  A time to look at myself sitting at the dinner table and determine if I have made strides.

This concept should probably be touched upon on a “New Year, new me” piece; however, I like to consider Christmas and New Years as all part of one season: the end of the Year.  For that reason, it is fitting to begin this assessment now.  Around this time last year, I was a semester away from graduating college with a bachelor’s degree.  I had enjoyed about 9 months of what it felt like to be 21 years old, and I had fallen deeper in love with the art of working out.  I had already began planning my first real spring break trip to Miami, and I could not wait for 2014.  This time around, I’m a lot different.  My priorities in life have completely changed.  I have been working full time now for about 5 months, in a field that I can one day pursue a lifelong career in. I am taking steps to secure my place in a Law School coming next fall.  Although I’m still a workout junkie, it isn’t as much of a priority anymore.  I’m focused on my future. I’m focused on what’s to come down the line.  I’m focused on a career, on my finances.  I’m focused on things that every 22 year old should be concerned with, but unfortunately that isn’t the case for all my peers.

Some fellow 22 year olds have taken life head on, and aspire to steer their life in one direction or another.  Others have taken a back seat and are waiting for life to take them on, as opposed to taking on life.  Our generation has been blessed with many opportunities, but if we don’t make the most of the opportunities given, then what are we really doing in life?  What you do now will impact your life for the rest of your life.  Challenge yourself, aspire to do better.  Set goals, work on achieving them.  Complacency leads to mediocrity; and who really wants that?  We’ve got to take control of our lives.  Stop waiting until next year, start now! To all readers, I challenge you to have a year that you can look back on this time next year and be proud of.  And when I say year, i don’t mean January 1st to December 31st, I mean now until 365 days after.  I challenge you to aim for heights that you never thought you could reach.  After all, if you reach for the sky, you might f**k around and land on a cloud.  Better than the land you currently reside on isn’t  it? Merry Christmas to you all, and I wish you a Happy and accomplished New Year.

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